At Herobility they want to help parents the world over make their lives a little easier, and also help babies by providing the best baby products on the market.

Herobility AB is a global company in the baby industry focusing on innovation, design and sustainability. The idea was born back in 2013, when founder and CEO Mikael Bergström was expecting his second son, and discovered that baby bottles all looked the same as they did 7 years before. Then, when he and his wife were expecting their daughter Alva, development really got underway. The goal was to give Alva the best possible products, that were safe, comfortable and easy to use. In February 2017, Herobility was officially launched, and quickly became a success!

Mikael has kept developing products, for Alva and other kids all around the world. Since starting, Herobility has doubled its products, won several awards for innovation and sustainability, and just recently launched Eco Baby Bottle – the world’s first baby bottle made with glass and plant based material.

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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