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All clothing that Ekobarn sells is organic and/or GOTS labeled. We do not include anything that is only controlled according to oekotex100 *. Under the roof of Ekobarn you should be able to shop both organic and fine products <3


Higher quality!


When growing cotton ecologically no pesticides or stressful fertilizers are used. This means that the end product will be of higher quality, longer fiber and increased service life.


Slow Fashion - fewer but better garments!

For fashionists what slow food is for gourmets - a setting for clothes that prioritizes fewer, finer garments, of higher quality, with less environmental impact and preferably with an interesting and unique design. It's about fashion must be long-term. Only then can we create a clothing industry that is durable. In new textiles that are not eco-labeled, there may be residues of chemicals from the manufacturing process. It is therefore good to wash the textiles before your child uses them for the first time. The best thing for the environment is to trade used textiles.


Organic cotton is good, but ecolabelled is the best. In that case, environmental requirements have been set all the way from raw material to finished garments. Look out for clothing labeled with Good Environmental Choice, GOTS, Swan and EU Ecolabel.




GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard - is the international eco-label for textile. Ecolabelling covers the entire life cycle from raw material to finished textiles, ie processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, trade and distribution. GOTS also demands working conditions in the manufacturing plants. The Global Organic Textile Standard is an independent eco-label that ensures that at least 70% of the product consists of organic-grown textile fibers. Certification has criteria to minimize hazardous chemicals in the manufacturing process and there are requirements for water purification and social conditions for those who work in the entire production chain.


Ecologically grown cotton


Cotton comes from a plant. There are about 50 different species and they grow wild like bushes or trees in most tropical areas. When the flower whispers, a capsule containing seeds is formed. These are grown with cotton fibers, so-called seed hairs, which can be processed into wire and yarn, making fabrics of this kind. Cotton grown ecologically where no pesticides are used, produces a higher quality finish product. Its cotton fibers grow longer with increased service life. More benefits with organic farmed cotton and organic children's clothing is that the poisons and pesticides used in "regular" cultivation do not end up on your child's skin and those who are working to harvest the cotton.


So we who buy organic clothing protect the environment, our children and those who work with the harvest and manufacture of the clothes.



Facts about the world's cotton cultivation


162,000 liters of water per Swedish - Only our imports to Sweden of cotton clothes require 162,000 liters of water per Swedish and year! That figure can be drastically reduced if we buy better quality and do not buy clothing made from cotton sprayed.


The chemicals are moving further - Cotton is a very chemical demanding crop, and the crops need annually a quarter of the world's use of insecticides and tenth of the weeds. The poison can also follow up in the food chain and look into the waterways and down to the groundwater along with irrigation water, thus polluting large areas and affecting many freshwater species.


"CHOOSE ECOLOGICALLY CULTIVATED Cotton and high quality on the clothes so they last longer."




Nature conservation


Kemi.se (Chemical Inspectorate)












* We always look for the most safe and organic products on the market and will not bring in clothes that are only oekotex100 because there is so much organic and gots labeled. Oekotex is a control body that must be very confident in the products, but it does not mean that the staff receive living wages or that the cotton is organic. For example, like fabric diapers, there are no 100% organic and GOTs certified, but we can still take the product because it is incredibly more environmentally friendly and durable than regular diapers J

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